Create your keys

For security reasons, by default the values of keys to encrypt or encode datas in config file are empty. Edit the file /config/ to fill these keys values:


If you want, you can remove now the code from file /include/php/ which check if the keys mentioned above have been filled:

Database connexion

Edit the following lines of the file /config/ so that phpRegister can connect to the previously created database.

The default database connection configuration proposed is set for the default XAMPP installation.

You should now have an acces on the phpRegister default page:

phpRegister: Default page

Your SMTP server

Infos & config files

Configuring your email sending server is mandatory to create your first account which will be an account with Admin rights.
You may not want to run your own email server:

  • Maintenance is time-consuming
  • Hard for staying off blacklists
  • Troubleshooting is difficult
  • There are easy alternatives mail services

Here are some alternatives: Mailjet, Postmark, Mailgun, etc...

Edit your file /config/ to specify your email server provider, you will find examples of SMTP service provider configuration.

Edit your file /config/ to specify the default sender of emails:

Testing your configuration

Edit the file /include/php/emails/testing/basic.php to specify the email where to send by modifying the global variable $configEmail:

And go to the page of your web server to test your configuration, specify ?send=1 and the end of this url to send the test email.
If the sending of the test email is successfull, Email sent! will be mentionned in the Infos box:

phpRegister: Email testing

Using a Gmail account!

For testing only on a localhost server, you can use a Gmail account to configure your SMTP server.
And your web server must have an Internet IP address that you usually use to check your emails.

First go to and allow less secure app:

Google account: Less secure app

Edit your file /config/ to specify your Gmail account:

Test your Gmail settings

Your first account

Now that your SMTP server is configured you can create your first account which will have by default Admin rights.

phpRegister: First account created

You can remove or comment this part of code of the file /signup/ajax/ajax_account_create.php which check if the account created is the first one to give it Admin rights:

Have fun!